Albie Donnelly´s Big 3

HANDMADE MUSIC by "Mr.Supercharge"

These three outstanding figures of the European R&B scene present an extraordinary and attractive mixture of Jazz, Blues and Soul, with their Sax, Piano and Bass line-up. Excellent Jazz á la Louis Jordan or Duke Ellington, authentic and powerful Blues and Soul , incorporating the best of both worlds. Rhythm and Soul ! Albie Donnelly´s Big 3 perform this music professionally and with a good sense of charming humour, just as been expected from artists that regularly work with grammy award winners and other world stars.

ALBIE DONNELLY, Liverpool's flamboyant R&B figurehead, saxophonist extraordinary and the mastermind of "Supercharge", takes the audience under his spell both acoustically and optically. Bald headed and bearded, Albie can do almost anything he wants with his saxophone, from rough honking all the way down to tender flattering, and Swing is his thing!. A true "Gentleman of the Blues", Albie respects his audience, and they love him!

GEORG SCHROETER is one of the leading boogie-woogie and blues piano players and a master on his instrument. George has spent decades on the road, touring solo or in various formations. He has accompanied numerous international stars not only in Germany but across the whole European Continent and the USA. This gained him an honoury membership of the "Low Country Blues Society" of Charleston, South Carolina.

WOLFGANG DIEKMANN, the "One Man Rhythm Section", has played bass in Albie Donnelly´s SUPERCHARGE for many years. His expressive and technically flawless style have made him one of Germany's most wanted recording and tour musicians.

Three acoustic instruments and three voices. Doesn't sound like much? Wait until you hear these guys play! "Big 3, big fun!"