Richie Arndt & The Bluenatics

"This band plays excellent blues, rock, and jazz based material. Richie is a songwriter, guitartist, vocalist and leader. The band is tight, professional, and passionate about everything they play.

Richie, Jens and Frank are the nicest people you would ever want to meet, and it is always a real pleasure to see them when they are in our area or when we travel to see them.

Great people, Great music, Great time!!! " by Dave Willey

is everything. Richie observed that "The Blues Purists seem to rule the scene in Germany, just as soon as the fourth chord appears in a twelve-bar-progression they start to complain, I see their attitude as very unfortunate because they're missing the whole point of our band and what we're trying to get across in our music and express to the audience that we all love so."

The Music
The Blues is just a good person feeling bad, be it a man, woman, or child we all get the blues. Some people are misinformed, they think listening to blues music gives you the blues, but the fact is it has the exact opposite effect, it is the cure not the cause of the blues. When you listen to the stories of others who have been through the same thing you don't feel so all alone in this big old world, it changes your sad mood to one of gladness, and it gives you hope for the future. Some of the best people in this area are as follows: Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Kim Simmonds, Gary Moore, Freddie King, Albert King, B.B. King and - Mr. Richie Arndt.These blues heroes were his teachers and inspiration. In his teenage years, when Heavy Metal, Rock and Disco were the music of the day Richie kept his focus on his dream, his only goal was to be on stage and expressing himself through his music, and his guitar. What he has done is to give credibility and show a deep and loving respect to all those blues masters that came before him.

His hometown is Bielefeld, Germany, and his music education started with his training in Classical Guitar, he then progressed to higher education when he was accepted to the Conservatory of Music in Hamburg, under the professional guidence of Mr. Rainer Baumann and Mr. Peter Weihe , both leading german rock and blues guitarists. After completion it was then up to Richie to combine his precision training and his real life experience, and this is where the fire meets the fuel. In his own words "Feeling, not function, sets the tone of a real guitar player", and "For me playing guitar is my personal attempt to communicate straight from my heart to the audience when this energy is returned to me up on that stage - it is the greatest feeling in the world, because the more they give the harder the band and I work to give more back to them. In this way I don't have to waste time looking for the perfect notes to play but instead we look for the perfect groove to play them in, and that's what matters the most" .