Blues Company

The Blues is Alive. In Germany Too.

That´s not surprising because the multi-faceted German music scene has spawned such extraordinary groups as Blues Company from Osnabrück, Germany. The group was founded almost 30 years ago and has by now become a household name. No one can talk about Blues "made in Germany" without mentioning Blues Company in the same breath. The band's success is rooted in its consistent quality and, of course, in its approach. This "company" doesn't simply pull off a routine "job." On the contrary. These musicians put their heart and soul into their music. It is a passionate "crusade" for the Blues, and the group's message * "The Blues Is Allright" * is attracting a steadily growing number of fans into concert halls and clubs. The driving force behind Blues Company is an innovative "Blues Man" * singer, guitarist, and songwriter Todor "Toscho" Todorovic. He was born in 1951 in Lingen, northern Germany. His parents, who had fled from the former Yugoslavia to West Germany after WWII, gave gifted young Toscho many opportunities to develop his musical talent. After hearing legendary B.B. King play in a jazz club, Toscho was forever captivated by the Blues. He acquired the Blues guitar repertoire and founded a number of small bands; he also studied classical guitar and song at the conservatory. In 1976, at the age of 25, he met the German pianist Christian Rannenberg at a Blues session featuring the Texan sax player Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson. Before long Toscho and Christian Rannenberg had founded Blues Company. Blues Company has given over 3000 concerts in Germany and neighboring European countries. The group consists of Toscho Todorovic ( guitar, vocals) , Mike Titre (guitar, bass, bluesharp), Olli Gee (bass, organ), and Florian Schaube (drums), as well as the "Fabulous B.C. Horns" aka Uwe Nolopp (trumpet) and Robert Kretzschmar (sax, organ). The Fabulous BC Horns give the band even greater punch, both on stage and in the studio.

The musicians of Blues Company have never been purists. Rather, it has always been Toscho's desire not just to plumb the depths of the Blues for its extraordinary range of expression, but also to spark new ideas in all facets of the genre. This front man and his band know all too well that the Blues is always changing and thus stays alive. Variety is one of the hallmarks of Blues Company, whose numerous CDs masterfully bridge the traditional and the modern. There are lusty Blues-Rock numbers, laid-back swinging Rhythm & Blues, haunting Blues ballads, as well as excursions into Soul and Cajun music.


1980: Live (LP)
1981: Ich hab´ den Blues schon ´n bißchen länger (LP)
1986: The Third Step (LP)
1987: Captain Bill´s Blues Circus (Ungarn/LP)
1987: International Blues Family (Polen/LP)
1988: So What? (LP/CD) - INAK
1990: Live '89 (CD) - INAK
1991: Damn! Let's Jam (CD) - INAK
1993: Public Relations (CD) - INAK
1994: Johnny Heartsman & Blues Company : Made In Germany (CD) INAK
1995: Vintage (CD) INAK
1996: Toscho -Serious Fun (CD) INAK
1996: Live 96 (Video) INAK
1997: Blues, Ballads and Assorted Love Songs. Best Of... (CD) INAK
1999: Upfront (DVD) INAK
2000: Toscho: Back By Popular Demand (CD + SACD) INAK
2000: Invitation To The Blues (CD) INAK
2001: Two Nights Only (Live-CD) INAK
2002: Then And Now (SACD) INAK
2003: From Daybreak To Heartbreak (CD + SACD + LP) INAK
2004: Keepin´ the Blues Alive (CD + SACD + DVD-Video) INAK
2006: The Quiet Side Of... (CD) INAK

What the others have to say .... could easily assume that the band was American.....,it would´nt occur to you that the BLUES COMPANY might be based in Germany,or that it could have a founder who was originally from the former Yugoslavia....This CD is enthusiastically recommended to anyone who is seeking something unpredictable from the blues . AMG ( All Music Guide )

"The rocking stage monster Toscho Todorovic - epitome and extremely charming product of the Blues Company "
( Mannheimer Morgen )

" Ballads with sensitivity , rock pieces with beat and energy "
( Heilbronner Stimme )

" .... a magical effect which no one can resist "
(Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung )

" A concert bordering on the grandiose "
( Neue Westfälische )

"Music made of flesh and blood "

"Blues for body and soul "
( Westfalenblatt )

" Earthy , honest , good "
( Westfälische Nachrichten )

" is among the best blues bands here in Germany "
( Manfred Miller / SWF )

" the creme de la creme of blues "
(Hermann Suhlmann / NDR )

" One of the rare successful examples of good blues from Germany "
(Uwe Gerhard / Deutschlandfunk )

"technically one of the most perfect sounds recently produced by the German blues scene "

" A blues band for a party atmosphere . Good time guaranteed ."
( Fachblatt )

" B.B. King should hear Todorovic´s fine interpretation of his own much copied Rock Me Baby " (Stereoplay )