Hootin' the Blues

Goodtime Music!

Hootin' the Blues,

Hootin´ the Blues play acoustic blues, enriched with Ragtime, Country, Bluegrass and Jazz.

A mixture that sounds familiar and traditionel, but never ordinary or trivial. Hootin´ the Blues combine common and sophisticated songs leaving the musicians enough room for improvisations. The three artists are multi instrumentalists playing guitar, harmonica, dobro, mandolin, and banjo, a variety that is seldom found played on this high level. And overall sounds the expressive and outstanding voice of Gerd Gorke with a three voice chorus.

High musically quality and an entertaining show are the garants for a successful concert. Performing good music with conviction and enthusiasm and getting the audiance a good time that´s what Hootin´ the Blues stand for.

Line Up:

Gerd Gorke
(harmonika, vocals)
Günther Leitfeld-Strikkeling
(Git., Slide-Git., mandolin, banjo, vocals)
Rupert Pfeiffer
(Git., Slide-Git., vocals)