Paul Lamb & the King Snakes

Review Quotes / Pressestimmen (Auszug):

“This is Blues harp as good as it gets.”
- Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits

“The only difference between Paul Lamb and the great harmonica players from the States is that Paul doesn’t have a U.S. passport.”
- The Great British R & B Festival , Colne , U.K.

“Simply better than the opposition from whatever side of the Atlantic they come.”
- Blueprint

“Sounds as American and black as Brits dare.”
- Melody Maker

 “There are not many UK blues bands that I would cover any distance of ground to see live , but I would put my walking shoes to catch this outfit wherever.”
- Phil Wight, Blueprint magazine

“Paul Lamb is a player of tremendous depth , able to switch from one style to another with effortless ease, truly world class.”
- Rick Webb Blues in the South, magazine

 “Harp maestro Paul Lamb and his band the King Snakes , continue to reinforce the bands considerable reputation.”
- John Clarke, The Times newspaper

 “It is now more than 40 years since John Mayall & Eric Clapton cut the Bluesbreakers album & for some, the question “Can the Brits play the Blues?” is still a live one. Watching this band, the answer to this is a resounding YES!”
- Robin Lynam, The South China Morning Post


“Ahh Paul Lamb, now there’s a one off. Sure there are many good harp players around, but few who make things SWING the way he does.
- Rock & Reel Magazine

 “Britain’s top harp slinger with a fine blend of jump, swing , shuffles and slow blues, all played with proper reverence. Lamb’s stellar playing, his tonal convincing command of the blues harp idiom, makes him more than an imitator, he’s an instrumental voice worth following.”
- Blues Revue magazine, USA

“Enjoy the best harp player on this island …in Europe…oh what the hell , probably the best harp player in the world?!”
- Blues & Rhythm magazine